Our Suckler Cow herd numbers 70 cows (we will be growing the herd over the next few years now that the sheep have left the farm), they calf outdoors in the late spring. The cows live outside all the year around grazing grass in the Spring, Summer and Autumn, switching to our diverse cover crops when the grass stops growing, until the grass starts growing again in the Spring. The calves run with their mothers, out at grass, for 6-7 months. The weaned calves then winter indoors, feeding on the silage which we make in June, in the spring they go back out to grass for the summer. They then remain outside grazing for a further 12 months, thus having a 100% pasture diet, zero grains fed in their lifetime, which research shows leads to meat with a far more healthy balance of Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, as well as delicious taste.

Our herd comprises of mainly Hereford cows, with some Hereford crosses and a few Angus crosses.