Conservation is at the heart of our philosophy at Wexcombe. It is one of the drivers for our move to No-till farming, we have seen a large increase in insect life, bird life, small mammal life (from mice and voles to hares) and worm populations are increasing. While this wildlife is enjoying the lack of soil disturbance and increase in food and cover given by our over winter cover crops, we also have a number of areas of the farm taken out of production to provide more permanent habitat and feed for wildlife.
We are involved in the Higher Level Scheme (HLS) which compensates us for encouraging wildlife around the farm. We grow Wild Bird seed mixes in strategic positions around the farm. The mixes act as massive bird tables through the winter time as well as a haven for insect life in the summer. Over the last 15 years we have put about 5miles of new hedgerows in, to encourage wildlife. As a result of some of these measures we have a thriving population of wildlife from Stone Curlews to Orchids; Barn Owls to Dormice; Starlings to Lapwings; Red Kites to Yellow wagtails; Roe Deer and Brown Hares; Skylarks to Grey Partridge. I hope in time to build up a Species list of sightings around the farm and publish it on this site.
We worked very closely with the RSPB when designing our HLS, this scheme is targeted at Stone Curlew, Lapwing, Corn Bunting and Grey Partridges. The scheme has been running for two years and already the populations of all these birds has noticeably increased.

We are members of LEAF (Linking Environment and Farming), a charity promoting sustainable, environmentally responsible farming and producing good food with care and to high environmental standards.

Solar Panels

In November 2011 we put PV solar panels on two separate barns at either end of the farm. This gives a total of 54kw/h and will help reduce our carbon footprint and reduce the electricity costs to our business.IMG_5446