Starting 2017, some rebuilding to be done!

The last half of 2016 much of our non farming time was spent repairing an old barn, initially for a private party in December, but with a potential long term view of having a venue to let out for events, parties and weddings.

The work went very well, with David who has worked on the farm since 1976 doing most of the work. By 10th December the barn looked a picture, all lit up and a wonderful party was had by all until during the last song was playing at 2am when one of the heaters which had been keeping the barn brilliantly warm all night somehow caused a fire to start, everyone was quickly evacuated as the fire took hold. The fire brigade arrived in force with six engines on farm within half an hour, the fire was extinguished by 03:30, but not before all the hard work of the previous six months had be terminally undone. So 2017 has started with insurance companies visiting to sort out the aftermath, and hopefully very soon we will start the process of removing the sad remains and then the job of rebuilding can begin.



Then to THIS

The anticipation of the next picture in this timeline is our big hope and excitement for the year ahead.